It Is Almost Over

Christmas came, but there were no presents, not even a phone call or two. I guess they were too busy to call me and wish me a merry Christmas. Tonight, my mind went racing back to a period of time in my life, when I had no one but a bottle of vodka.
Vodka became my companion, my friend, my family, my lover. I couldn’t exist without my vodka. I tried on more than one occasion to switch to beer, but then I just had more and more beers.
It took many years, to kick away that lover, and discover that I did have other people in my life, including my family. My family is reduced down to two siblings and their spouses, and approximately 13 cousins, second and third cousins.
Today, my father is gone, my mother is gone, and I am alone, with a sad little tree lit up in the corner of my living room.
I can hear what is really talking here . . . depression. It has come rushing back to be my constant companion now, and I am embracing it with open arms. Christmas is almost over, and the pain with decrease gradually, for the most part…

9 thoughts on “It Is Almost Over

  1. Sorry your in that dark place again, in that your not alone, this why I don’t like it at this time of year when families are fractured, it just serves as a reminder.

    On the positive, your life is different now, and you made those changes for the better:)

    Sending virtual hope and strength.

    Take care.


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