Good Bye, Hello!

Commonly known as ‘Monster Mittens’


About three weeks ago
I finally had to let her go
Oh, I cried so hard that day
I didn’t think she’d be going away

I was her mom for nine whole years
All she did was instill the fears
Upon anyone who tried to get play
I didn’t think she’d be going that way

Now I have another one
With this one I will have one
Loves me dear, and others too
Wait! Stop playing with that shoe


I bought a new toy just this morn
So cute, she’ll play until it’s worn
I still miss my Mittens
Her bites I found I do not miss

Good bye my Mittens
Hello Kamala

Cee’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Look Up!

Hover over each photo for location


Look Up



She is still investigating her new home.  I moved here in December of 2015.

Flower of the Day – Mums

Flower of the day – Mums

July TV Show Photo Challenge

From one of my favorite shows, Two And A Half Men, we have for your viewing pleasure, the July 23rd TV Photo Challenge – Favorite Actor Who Seems To Be In Everything:  Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen


If you would like to take part in this, follow the suggestions on the chart below.

July TV Photos


Flower Of The Day

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June Movie Photo and Book Challenge

June 18, 2016

I had a tough time choosing between two of my favorite movie picture scenes, so I decided to put both of them in.

WP_20160618_001 WP_20160618_003








If you would like to participate, just follow the chart below and let’s have some fun.




Hike the Breathtaking Pinnacle Peak Mountain in Scottsdale

These are some beautiful photos!

Out and About in Scottsdale AZ

Hike the Breathtaking Pinnacle Peak Mountain in Scottsdale Photo Credit Cindy Kim ‏@CindyKimPR

Arizona is home to countless hiking areas, but Pinnacle Peak stands out as one of the best. The regal granite mountain rises from the beautiful Sonoran Desert like a guardian watching over the valley of Scottsdale. This area is popular with hikers because the views are unrivaled. Whether you visit during sunrise, sunset or midday, you’ll witness some of the most extraordinary scenes nature offers.

Walk or Climb Your Way to Paradise

The Pinnacle Peak Park trail is easy to navigate, and the views get better as you go. While traveling the 1.75-mile undulating path, you’ll see gorgeous native plant life, including the famous saguaro cactuses, creosote shrubs and red berry junipers. Splashes of color from wildflowers and lichen-coated rocks add to the storybook setting. This isn’t a looped trail, but you’ll still get a totally new perspective on the way back.

Pinnacle Peak Mountain in Scottsdale Photo Credit Lindsay Horwood…

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May Photo of the Day Challenge

Photo of the day challenge – Day 13.  Join in the fun and share your pictures of the day, according to the chart below.

Day 13 – Game

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