Photo: Karen Van Benschoten

This blog is about abuse, physical, emotional and sexual.  You will read posts that vaguely allude to something, and posts that spell it all out right there on the page.

I grew up under these conditions, which affected me greatly, both as a child and as an adult.  For all my life I have been affected in one way or another by those conditions.

The pain, anger, fear, shame, blame and everything else, you will feel in your heart when you read.  I have found that writing this blog has been an outlet for a lot of those feelings, as well as a growing experience due to the insight that I have gained.

I have found that writing this blog is not only an outlet for what I feel but still can’t identify, but also gives me insight into just how my life has been affected by the abuse.

It also may be an aid for other survivors of abuse, as they identify with what I have written, and maybe become more able to look within themselves.

My hope is that my writings help, if nothing else, just one person to work through their own feelings, as survivors of abuse.

18 thoughts on “About

  1. It is wonderful that even through all the pain that you must have experienced, you are still willing to discuss this in order to help others with similar situations.


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