They say there’s space between my ears
It has been there years and years
Wanted to fill it to the top
But she always made me stop

You see, she had to be the best
So much better than the rest
But if the truth were to be told
There was more space there up til she was cold

Some feel that better does so much good
But put’s you higher than it should
I tried to fill up all that space
I found it hard to keep the pace.

I fell here and I fell there
Regaining some space, but no one cared
Filled it up with a giant cloud
I could speak but not aloud

Within that cloud I had no fears
But had not much between my ears
Drift alone through all that air
There is no one to really care

The space now growing, oh quite fast
Know not how long I will last
Tried real hard to pass that test
Show I was better than the rest



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One Is The Loneliest Number

One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever see.
No is the saddest experience you’ll ever know.

These words from Three Dog Night’s “One Is The Loneliest Number” are coming from me today.

Home alone for twenty years,
That seems a very long time,
But there’s no one that holds me dear,
And tells me, “You are mine!”

Used to laugh and have some fun,
We often liked to play,
At many campgrounds, near and far,
I loved living this way.

I used to dream when I was young,
I’d run away and hide,
In woods that I would live among,
With animals at my side.

But I never dared to run away,
I knew not what to do,
So forever in my room,
I’d stay away from you.

Not allowed to go and play,
Somewhere else than home,
And also each and every day,
Not allowed to use the phone.

Now I don’t go out and play,
I stay here in my room,
And dream there will come the day,
I pray it will be soon.

The day that You will come for me,
And take me home with You,
And forever I will be,
At peace in all I do.


This word could be interpreted in several ways, and actually does apply in more than one way.

I just read a post from a photographer, who wrote some very inspiring words, and had created a fascinating photo as well.

Before that I read a post about an exploding bra. I’m not going to delve into that one but suffice it to say, I laughed ’til I peed.

I am also physically moved. After 16 years in the same apartment, the cat and I moved downstairs to a handicap accessible apartment – something I’ve been waiting for eight of those years.

I had no recollection of moving into that apartment, as my head was messed up pretty bad back in those days. I was dealing with alcoholism and mental illness, and was medicated to the max with a benzo, so I honestly do not remember moving here.

I do know that I didn’t have a lot of stuff when I moved in. Add 16 years, and you have to wonder how you are going to move all this stuff that has accumulated in those 16 years.

Where did it all come from? How many thousands of boxes am I going to need, just to move downstairs? Who’s going to do all this packing and moving? The best I can do is fill a box, and push it around with my power chair.

THE DAY arrived and I put a plea out on Facebook, that I needed help, and about half an army showed up to move boxes and furniture. It only required a very large cart and a hand truck, and several hundred grocery carts to move all the odds and ends that no one knew what else to do with.

I am now settled in and the cat is no longer hiding in the back of the clothes closet in the hall. My pole was installed, that I use to transfer back and forth from my chair to my bed. Yesterday, my ceiling fan was installed in the kitchen. The one in the bedroom I had to give away, as in my new bedroom, the ceiling light is over in front of the tiny little closet I now have, as opposed to the walk-in closet I left behind.

Several cart-loads of stuff was also donated to the nearby thrift store.

Now, the pictures are hung, the shower curtain is hung, and the sun lamp is plugged in and just waiting to shine into my eyes every morning. This is supposed to make up for the lack of light I now have in this apartment.

But, I can get around without moving furniture with my chair, and I can close the bathroom door behind me as an added bonus.

Gone For Three Years



Seventy-seven years ago.
You came into this world and so,
I’d like to say inside feels bad,
That feeling, for you I’ve never had.

You will always forever be,
That last year at seventy-three,
I live a life today without,
Worrying about a lot of doubt.

I did not actually cry that day,
When you finally went away,
Sat and listened to the words,
While people stood around in herds.

I now see that they came to see,
My brothers, aunt, and yes, for me,
Her companion she had but little time,
He has come to be family of mine.

Didn’t know they cared for you,
But what I feel will have to do,
I will never shed a tear,
Not this nor any other year.