Time Is Ageless

Fifty-six years ago today,
I got to have my first say,
Born too early to remember,
Supposed to be born in December.

They say that time heals all wounds,
I sit and wonder, will that be soon?
Only My Father’s the One who knows,
And so on and on, the number grows.

Year after year, I continue to yearn,
Year after year, I continue to learn.
She wasn’t supposed to treat me that way,
The pain I feel, I feel every day.

And so, Happy Birthday for today and more,
Tomorrow I know not what’s in store,
A mood that changes all through the year,
I’m going to be like her I fear.

But God is also having His say,
Today, on this, my special day,
He sends me all that He has, of love,
While looking down at me from above.

A Letter To My Self

Today, I see the hair that’s grey,
Today, I see a brand new day,
Today, I see an aching soul,
Today, I see within that soul.
Yesterday, came and went so fast,
Yesterday, is not meant to last,
Yesterday, I did not speak my mind,
Yesterday, the words, I could not find.
Today, I see all these things in my head,
Today, I think of all that I’ve read,
Today, I see myself so small,
Today, I see, I don’t have to go.