Where Did The Sun Go?

Taboo Word  9/12/16

It seemed like only yesterday, when I commented to my roommate at he hotel in Salt Lake City, how late it was and it was still light out.  Now, it’s a little after 7pm and it is almost totally dark outside.  I can hear all the buzzing of the nighttime bugs that seem to disappear during the day.

I am unable to go outside and enjoy some company with friends, like we had been doing.  Now, I’m sitting here writing away, now that I’ve gotten through those 69 emails that I had this morning.  And that only counts the ones that were already there when I opened my email.  Others were creeping in throughout the day.  I spent at least an hour, going through all the ones like Office Depot, AARP and others, unsubscribing for all the junk email so that I can do something else during the day besides reading and deleting email.

Nerd In The Brain has started the GO PLAY event and I got busy with one of the 10 point challenges, which is to draw or color something.  I pulled up my chair, sharpened my pencils and started coloring.  This is something I had put aside, and forgotten all about.  I honestly have no clue when the last time was that I sat and colored.  They tell me that it is supposed to relax me.  Uh, right.  I think that is something that flew out the window when I was looking away and putting the coloring books and pencils aside to collect dust, and be annoying when I needed the space for some other project I was doing.

The point I am trying to make is that I’ve been a space cadet, jumping from one thing to another, and now I run out of time during the day, and I’m unable to finish anything I start.  Somewhere during the day, I thought I was at the gym . . . or was that a dream??   I guess the real point I am trying to make, is I can write a post without using the taboo word.

You can see today’s taboo word below. Visit Eric, author of the All In A Dad’s Work blog and creator of the challenge, for details on participating.


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