Fill Up The Emptiness

There’s nothing much inside of me,
As much as feelings go,
Only a few people see,
But I still can’t say no.

Like a jug, a very small top,
For things to pour inside,
That doesn’t even help me stop,
Wanting to run and hide.

There’s really no place I can go,
A place, to me, that’s safe,
And so I run to and fro,
Seeking another place.

A place where no one is ever mean,
Where no one raises a hand,
That place is deep inside of me,
A place that I can stand.

I can always put up a wall,
So no one sees inside,
But then how, if at all,
Am I to take a side?

Take a stance where I am strong,
A stance where I am free,
Then it will not take too long,
To fill up, the inside of me.

– van –