Halloween? Or Birthday?

Image result for jack o lanternEnded up just another day
I knew that it would be that way
A card from here, a card from there
Getting so I no longer care

Before that day came to pass
Get out the wine, fill my glass
Wait, there is no wine here
The past would riseĀ again, I fear

Image result for halloween birthday cakeThere was no one to bake a cake
And my heart began to ache
For all those years, so much fun
Now, I have no way to run

Away from those days long past
I knew that it would not last
The years when that day would near
Monster faces would appear

The monsters look different now,
Changed some way, I don’t know how,
Faces leering, both day and night
I know that things are not all right

I write to see how I feel
It is really no big deal
Very few come to my door
I thought that I would care no more

I was wrong.

Photo credits: Google Images