Private Hell

I see the pills I take each day
To help myself, I live that way
In a cloud of many pills
Supposed to take away my ills

If I had to count them all
Even ones for when I fall
Add to them a shot each day
If I stopped what would they say

Blood pressure, depression, and anxiety
Are only part of what you see
Behind closed doors, I struggle more
Much more than I ever did before

I wonder what would kill me first
I think of my unending thirst
Take this one to stop the side effects
I never know what’s coming next,

I see you just outside my door
Coming here, I know not what for
Why do I hide, behind my door
Help me please find out what for

The shadows behind all these doors
More pills, they say will help me more
Do this or not I will not tell
Sitting here in my private hell

One More Pill

Getting tough to climb the hill?
Here, take another pill.
Add the pills, more and more,
And you’ll forget the grocery store.

What would happen if we take this one,
And tell the doctor you are done?
All these meds mess up my mind,
And my actions are done in kind.

I think it’s time to take a stand,
Take all those pills in your hand,
Tell the doc, you’ll take them less,
You’ll get better, is my guess.

Let’s all give it the college try,
Ask the doctor, which and why.
This med is taken every day,
Not no more, no, no way.