It Is So Difficult

Taboo Word  9/8/16

No one knows the trials I go through
Just to seem normal for another day
Normal is always so easy for you
For me it’s too far away

I struggle each day to get out of bed
To look like I’m really okay
But no one sees what is inside my head
It would cause you to run far away

Evil, put into my soul long ago
I tried to climb into a bottle
Everyone saw all that I know
Too late for my chance at the throttle

After some time I put the booze
Far away from my hand and my head
I knew I had nothing to lose
Keep it up I and would be dead

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This Helps Me

I know who goes before me,
I know who stands behind,
The God of Angel Armies,
Is always by my side.
The one who reigns forever,
He is a friend of mine,
The God of Angel Armies
Is always by my side.
(Whom Shall I Fear – Chris Tomlin)
Life has never been easy for me. Even as a small child I suffered abuse and neglect.
I thought my home was normal, that the things that happened there were the same at others houses.
Eventually the pain and loneliness in my life led to alcohol for its numbing effect.
It didn’t work.
My life went up and down, but never went anywhere,
Until I found God, and let Him into my life.
My life is headed in a much better direction these days,
Because I know the God of Angel Armies, is always by my side.