Hurry Up And Wait

Hurry up and eat your meal, but it’s already getting cold.  I wonder how many hallways and elevators they have to take to get to my room.  Will I still be hungry?  I’ll find out soon.  Poke me here and poke me there, then send me off with a tech.  Have to close my eyes as I enter the MRI machine.  They call after I’ve been there about an hour and take me back to my room.  Push the button, someone will show up soon.  As I wait (and wait) and wait, I pick up the remote and idly flip through channels that have nothing worth watching.  It’s time for meds, but where is this one, and where is that one, and where are those.  Never been here before, except maybe for the ER.  You have to wait a whole lot longer, I know because I’ve been there before.  They whisk me up soon, taking pulse, temperature, and listening to my chest and back.  Oh, by the way, you have an infection.  Meds put in the IV.  I do not like this place, never been here before.