It’s Happening Again

It’s Happening Again


As the end of year draws near,

My insides, my heart, fill with fear.

I have no one to share the cheer,

It happens every single year.


I have no one to share the days,

One day after another, my mind filled with haze,

I always seem to find the ways,

They all say that it is a faze.


But no one knows how empty I feel,

There is no one to help me deal.

With the pain of loneliness,

It’s just my life, filled with stress.


Tomorrow will be a better day,

Someone will be coming this way,

Because it is another Monday,

They come so they will get their pay.


There soon will be more who come my way,

To make it seem a better day,

But still they come to get their pay,

And I feel dead another day.

– van –