A Letter To My Self

Today, I see the hair that’s grey,
Today, I see a brand new day,
Today, I see an aching soul,
Today, I see within that soul.
Yesterday, came and went so fast,
Yesterday, is not meant to last,
Yesterday, I did not speak my mind,
Yesterday, the words, I could not find.
Today, I see all these things in my head,
Today, I think of all that I’ve read,
Today, I see myself so small,
Today, I see, I don’t have to go.

Not So Loud!

I hear you when you call me,
I hear you when you are mad,
I hear you when you are in my head,
I hear you even though you are dead.

Why must you yell at me so loud?
It always seems to draw a crowd,
The crowd is not really real,
It’s something else, what’s the deal?

It is starting to hurt in my head,
Things I heard after going to bed,
The creak of floor boards from your weight,
I know that you can hardly wait.

I feel you when you are near,
Taking away everything dear,
Come to play with me again,
I ask myself tho I know not when.

When will I hear the noise die down?
Everything that makes me frown.
My heart is heavy even now with dread,
Even though I know you are dead.