This word could be interpreted in several ways, and actually does apply in more than one way.

I just read a post from a photographer, who wrote some very inspiring words, and had created a fascinating photo as well.

Before that I read a post about an exploding bra. I’m not going to delve into that one but suffice it to say, I laughed ’til I peed.

I am also physically moved. After 16 years in the same apartment, the cat and I moved downstairs to a handicap accessible apartment – something I’ve been waiting for eight of those years.

I had no recollection of moving into that apartment, as my head was messed up pretty bad back in those days. I was dealing with alcoholism and mental illness, and was medicated to the max with a benzo, so I honestly do not remember moving here.

I do know that I didn’t have a lot of stuff when I moved in. Add 16 years, and you have to wonder how you are going to move all this stuff that has accumulated in those 16 years.

Where did it all come from? How many thousands of boxes am I going to need, just to move downstairs? Who’s going to do all this packing and moving? The best I can do is fill a box, and push it around with my power chair.

THE DAY arrived and I put a plea out on Facebook, that I needed help, and about half an army showed up to move boxes and furniture. It only required a very large cart and a hand truck, and several hundred grocery carts to move all the odds and ends that no one knew what else to do with.

I am now settled in and the cat is no longer hiding in the back of the clothes closet in the hall. My pole was installed, that I use to transfer back and forth from my chair to my bed. Yesterday, my ceiling fan was installed in the kitchen. The one in the bedroom I had to give away, as in my new bedroom, the ceiling light is over in front of the tiny little closet I now have, as opposed to the walk-in closet I left behind.

Several cart-loads of stuff was also donated to the nearby thrift store.

Now, the pictures are hung, the shower curtain is hung, and the sun lamp is plugged in and just waiting to shine into my eyes every morning. This is supposed to make up for the lack of light I now have in this apartment.

But, I can get around without moving furniture with my chair, and I can close the bathroom door behind me as an added bonus.