Weekend Coffee Share

Image result for coffee imagesIf we were having coffee, I’d tell you it has been quite a week that I went through.  It was another week without any appointments, which is still so hard for me to get used to.  I would tell you that I wrote a post every day this past week, as I take part in the Taboo Word Challenge that is being run by Eric, over at All In A Dad’s Work.  I must have gotten distracted by something and I never came back and finished this post.

Forgotten and All Alone

It was only yesterday, waiting to go home,

I realized I’d been forgotten, sitting all alone.

The rain had made me wet,

And I was chilled to the bone.

No, this wasn’t the first time,

That I had been forgotten,

Felt no bigger than a dime,

As rain came down from heaven.

Was this tears, from His eyes?

Or moisture from above?

Just falling from the skies,

And I was all alone.

I wanted to go home,

Where I could be alone,

With my thoughts of doom,

Written as in stone.

It has to be this way!

No, that way’s very wrong,

Can’t do anything right,

The days stretch out too long.

Too much time for me to sit,

Just me here all alone.

Lost in all the thoughts I think,

Forgotten and all alone.

– van –