Worse Service Ever

I got up this morning a lot earlier than normal.  I had meds, feed the cat, and packed up the CPAP and laptop.  I then had my usual breakfast, minus the coffee.  I spied the clock and I had 15 minutes left until the van arrived.  I was out in the kitchen, shot and the rest of my meds, were still there, waiting for me.  I was already behind, before I even got started.

The van was waiting for me, and we arrived at the Petro Mart a half-hour early.  I then thought of my 32 oz water bottle, still sitting on the counter, filled and ready.  I bought a cup and two bottles of water.  I didn’t realize they were 20 oz bottles. 

At the airport, I realized I was carrying a full bottle of water while in line for security.  I couldn’t take it.  I had a fellow passenger toss it for me.  While waiting for our flight, a man, very generously, offered me his First Class seat.  It was seat 1A.  They plied me with drinks (no alcohol) and I got a meal as well.  I chose the Asian Salad.  It was very good.

At San Antonio, the plane seemed like it was descend super fast, and bang, we landed.  I was the last person off the plane, as usual.  They had me sit on that tiny, metal, aisle chair until my chair finally showed up, minus part of the cup holder.  I knew I should have taken that off.

After reporting the breakage, I was sent outside and waited for the shuttle.  Super Shuttle.  I saw three without wheelchair lifts.  When I finally spotted one, it went right by me.  It was after 5:00 when one arrived.  They lowered the lift, I got on, and then the lift wouldn’t lift!  It wasn’t me either.

The boss arrived, and with his help, they man-handled me and the lift up and I rolled in.  I checked in for the Valor Games, and then the hotel.  Room 108.  No waiting for the one and only elevator for this wing.  I will be hitting the pool tomorrow evening, if it’s still warm enough outside.  It wasn’t barely 80 degrees when I landed.

Let the Games begin!  I am playing Table Tennis tomorrow, Boccia Ball Wednesday, and shooting an Air Rifle Thursday.  Friday, I head back for the airport.  It will be over and done with before I even know it.

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