It Is So Difficult

Taboo Word  9/8/16

No one knows the trials I go through
Just to seem normal for another day
Normal is always so easy for you
For me it’s too far away

I struggle each day to get out of bed
To look like I’m really okay
But no one sees what is inside my head
It would cause you to run far away

Evil, put into my soul long ago
I tried to climb into a bottle
Everyone saw all that I know
Too late for my chance at the throttle

After some time I put the booze
Far away from my hand and my head
I knew I had nothing to lose
Keep it up I and would be dead

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Not So Loud!

I hear you when you call me,
I hear you when you are mad,
I hear you when you are in my head,
I hear you even though you are dead.

Why must you yell at me so loud?
It always seems to draw a crowd,
The crowd is not really real,
It’s something else, what’s the deal?

It is starting to hurt in my head,
Things I heard after going to bed,
The creak of floor boards from your weight,
I know that you can hardly wait.

I feel you when you are near,
Taking away everything dear,
Come to play with me again,
I ask myself tho I know not when.

When will I hear the noise die down?
Everything that makes me frown.
My heart is heavy even now with dread,
Even though I know you are dead.