Sitting In The Airport

Early this morning I sat in wait,
Praying the shuttle would not be late
But imagine my surprise
We left late for the friendly skies

Image result for airplaneIt was the plane that was too late
And very slow getting my chair to the gate 
Carry me on the bus by hand
My chair too much for just one man


Now headed north to catch my van
I wish I could’ve got up and ran
I missed my bus, I was quite late
But still I had no time to wait

Image result for wheelchairBut my chair did not come
I wished I had some chewing gum 
To help to ease the growing stress
It was not meant to be, I guess

Buy the ticket, two dollars short
All my planning was for naught
The next bus to take, to get up there
Was not equipped to take my chair

At the bus I came undone Image result for shuttle bus
My plans again, they were not fun  
Got to the gate to catch my van
I’ll push that bus if I can

Carry me on the bus by hand
My chair too much for just one man
Now headed north to catch my van
I wish I could’ve got up and ran

If my next stop, I am too late
Lord only knows what’ll be my fate
Tried to call them on my phone
So maybe I could get back home

angerMy voice alone was not enough 
Then things got really tough
Now the rain is coming down
This trip is causing me to frown



I will not take this trip again
Travel again? I know not when
This trip has cost me so much more
Than what I thought, was in store.

Image result for wheelchair At the stop, to my surprise
I really could not believe my eyes
My ride was still awaiting there
Travel again? With my manual chair!


People gasp when they see an accident,
People gasp when they can’t get enough air,
People gasp when they get surprised,
But no one hears the tiny little gasp.

There’s a child sitting there,
As if there is no one who cares,
Inside and out the child cries,
Inside, a small part of her dies.

Why can’t the people around her see?
How more helpful could they be?
If only one had heard her cry,
Dry her tears and ask her why?

Why do you cry, little one?
What is it that someone has done,
That makes you cry right here, today?
How can I make the tears go away?

But no one cared to see her cry,
No one cared to ask her why,
Why do you do things that are bad?
What is it making you so sad?

If only one could see inside,
All the things she had to hide,
They can not make it go away,
It happens every single day.

Gone For Three Years



Seventy-seven years ago.
You came into this world and so,
I’d like to say inside feels bad,
That feeling, for you I’ve never had.

You will always forever be,
That last year at seventy-three,
I live a life today without,
Worrying about a lot of doubt.

I did not actually cry that day,
When you finally went away,
Sat and listened to the words,
While people stood around in herds.

I now see that they came to see,
My brothers, aunt, and yes, for me,
Her companion she had but little time,
He has come to be family of mine.

Didn’t know they cared for you,
But what I feel will have to do,
I will never shed a tear,
Not this nor any other year.

Too Hot To Bear

Falling Down
Photo: Karen Van Benschoten

It’s starts with the beginning of each new day,

The fiery words that come my way.

I ask, “What is it that I’ve done?”

I was just having fun.

But then the words lash out so hot,

Keeping me glued to the spot.

Trying to keep my head up high,

Trying hard not to cry.

The tears that come are oh so hot,

I have nothing with which to blot,

The tears racing down my face,

Wishing I were in another place.

I dream of the day that I run away,

But have no other place to stay.

I look at buildings, falling down,

And tell myself I’d not be found.

But then I think of rain and cold,

Will this last until I’m old?

In the end I stay each day,

Wondering what I shouldn’t say.

– van –