This post was written at Christmas time but never published, so I thought I’d do so now.

It’s a holiday again today,
I’ll be alone most the day,
Only wish I had someone,
Always willing to get up and come.

But the way I’ll share this day,
Do it someone else’s way,
Their home, their food, their family,
I wonder where my family might be.

Immediate family is quite small,
We scattered far in every way.
Not just distance, though it be far,
But talking, sharing, not who we are.

I wish there was someone to care,
I wish there was someone to dare,
To break the past and start anew,
But we don’t know what to do.

What to do to be more near,
What to do so we can hear,
The sounds of family having fun,
Then the start will have begun.

Enemy Among Friends

He lurks there in the family,
A place where no enemy should be,
He is one you are taught to trust,
For everyone it’s a must.
But the enemy creeps in through the dark of night,
And fills my young heart full of fright.
I know that he should not be there,
But does anyone really care?
The lessons learned when I was young,
Due to all the things that were done,
I carried with me on in life,
A time filled full of strife.
To make a friend I must give in,
And the enemy wins again.
The fear that stuck me in the past,
I thought it would not always last.
I learned the only way to find love,
Was to give all I had, still not enough,
Through decades the enemy sticks with me,
I wonder if that will always be.