They say there’s space between my ears
It has been there years and years
Wanted to fill it to the top
But she always made me stop

You see, she had to be the best
So much better than the rest
But if the truth were to be told
There was more space there up til she was cold

Some feel that better does so much good
But put’s you higher than it should
I tried to fill up all that space
I found it hard to keep the pace.

I fell here and I fell there
Regaining some space, but no one cared
Filled it up with a giant cloud
I could speak but not aloud

Within that cloud I had no fears
But had not much between my ears
Drift alone through all that air
There is no one to really care

The space now growing, oh quite fast
Know not how long I will last
Tried real hard to pass that test
Show I was better than the rest



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I Must Push On

I feel a little scared today,
Trying to make it go away,
Told her I wanted to do my best,
Dig some more, get to the rest.

The topic is one that’s hard to bring up,
But it’s something that needs to be,
Brought from deep with the depths,
Brought out into the open for me to see.

To see what caused what,
To see what went on,
I know it’s hard…but,
I must try to push on.

To stop and rest,
Will never be,
The way to see the best,
For others to see.