Redemption – Dungeon Prompts

RedemptionOnly I can truly see,
The junk that lives inside of me,
The stuff I try so hard to hide,
To keep it way down deep inside.

Do I want to stay this way?

Can I make it go away?

Through things done not only to me?

Things that no one else can see?

The answer to all of this is no!
There are things that have to go!
How can I get rid of these?
Only One I need to please.

When I get on bended knee,
And ask for Him to help me see,
Redemption is the only way out,
So, for this I’m going to shout!

In order for me to be set free,
From all the pain inside of me,
Is ask for Him who is watching all,
Be the one to make that call.

And redemption for all that hinders me,
Through His love, will I truly be free.