Wheelchairs And Sports

This YouTube video is of the 36th National Veterans Wheelchair Games, in Salt Lake City, in which I took part.  I thought I would share it so you all can see a bit of the types of events I, as well as all the friends I have made over the last 9 years, take part in the course of a week.  Enjoy!

Why Can’t I Stop?

First it was people,
Never enough,
No one understood,
Living was tough.

Needing this and needing that,
What did I really need?
I tried everything I could get,
But nothing would soothe that need.

A drink here,
A smoke over there,
The more that I got,
I had no cares.

A life like mine may never see,
The end of the driving need,
I stopped the drink, and the smoke,
I planted a very small seed.

But as this seed continued to grow,
Along with it did the need,
How was I ever to know,
There was no end to this greed.


I really feel like hell today,
It’s not going to go away,
I can try, and try, and try,
Might as well be asking the sky.

Spend so much time on my own,
Hard to believe that I’m fully grown,
There are those who will knock me down,
There are those who will make me frown.

This illness is something that’s hard to take,
Never knowing what each day will make,
Me hurt from tip to toe,
This illness will never let me go.

But there is one greater than I,
Makes me often gaze at the sky,
Asking why this is happening to me,
Wondering how tomorrow will be.

He who made me, gave me a gift of my own,
He who made me, the way I have grown,
Gotten much better at hearing Him say,
What to do to live life His way.

Child Within Is Starting To Grow

If I want to get somewhere,
I need to find a way to get there,
It’s hard to get there on my own,
I need a vehicle of my own.

Child WithinMost of my life was full of need,
But somewhere there, existed a seed,
When this seed started to grow,
It seemed that I was the last to know.

Last to see a whole life new,
From this seed it grew and grew.
Now I see that I can do,
Much more if I really want to.

The child that still lives inside of me,
Can be whoever she wants to be.
The labels that held her down,
Only cause her now to frown.

As this child starts to grow,
I can do much more, I know.
I can do what pleases me,
If only every one could see.

Run Off TrackThe chair that tries to hold me back,
Tried to run me off the track,
The track that leads me up and out,
Helps me make the whole world shout.

I can do whatever I please,
I can be whatever I please,
I just want everyone to know,
The child within continues to grow.

Vets Adapt To Their Differences

I am a Navy veteran, disabled due to MS, and I’m trying to raise the money needed, for a wheelchair van, and hand cycle, to get me out of the recliner and into action. The exercise is good for me not only physically, but mentally as well.  I started playing wheelchair sports in the summer of 2008, and have every year since, adding two new events in 2015.  I want to be independent, and to push myself further than I think I can go.  In order to become independent, I need a van that is equipped with a ramp or lift.  For now, I can still use my right leg for driving, and don’t need hand controls.  But the day will come when I will.

I am attempting to raise enough money, to get what I need to become more independent, and more active.  Right now, I am a recliner jockey, with my head in my laptop from morning to night.  If you would like to help with the fundraising, you can click on the line below and it will take you to the fundraising website.  Thank you for all your support.




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I Have Different Abilities

I have a different way of doing things than a lot of people.  Some people who are in wheelchairs.  Many people give up, lose hope, sit around and do nothing.  I’m here to say that I am not disabled, I am just differently-abled.  I just spent a week in Dallas, suffering from heat that was in the 90’s every day.  I have MS, which makes me heat intolerant, yet I did not give up on anything.  I tried to do the best I could in the five events I took part in, during the 35th National Veterans Wheelchair Games.  The MS put me in a chair, but not on the sidelines.  19095473331_81dc77fb39_zI took part in bowling, table tennis, 9-ball, 100-meter track and Boccia Ball.  I came home with four gold medals and one silver medal (Boccia Ball), which I had never played before.  19121436842_11e0e3590d_z (1)But I did all I could, and even pushed myself further.  I am proud to say that I am not disabled, just differently-abled.

What I Would Like To Learn – Dungeon Prompts

This post is in response to the Dungeon Prompt, What I Would Like To Learn.   Many may think this is odd, coming from someone who is a wheelchair user, but what I would like to learn . . . is to ride a motorcycle.

I belong to a Biker church and have seen bikers, after a long ride through a forest, or stopping beneath an overpass due to the driving rain that came out of nowhere.

I have ridden on the back of a bike several times, and once I even took a video of the passing scenery, and of the front of the motorcycle.  The feel of the wind in my hair, the air rushing past my body, all contribute to my desire to learn to ride.

Most of all, though, I just want to prove to myself that I can get out of this chair, and get out and enjoy something I love, without having to depend on others in order to ride.


I know it was so long ago,
But I can’t seem to leave it so,
Things buried in my past,
Seem to forever last.

Now my hair is gray,
It is another day,
But the things that haunt me,
Others don’t even seem to see.

I talk it out, once a week,
But what is it that I really seek?
An answer to make it all go away,
But then it comes back another day.

I talk with friends I met online,
They have issues similar to mine.
They, too, struggle each day,
Wishing that there were a way.

Why can’t I make it go?
The path I’m on seems so slow.
One day, I know I’ll find my way,
Not dreading the coming of each new day.

On that day, He’ll hold out His arms,
Then I’ll know I’m safe from harm,
He waits for me to find my way,
Eternity will then have it’s say.

I’ll no longer live in the past,
My time will forever last,
In a place where there is no pain,
I’ll be with Him, once again.

Sick And Alone

I don’t feel very well today,
It makes me want to go away.
Far from all that makes me ill,
Or else, win again, he will.
Every night as bedtime comes,
I’m looking all around for Tums.
Anything that will make me well,
Not a word, I will not tell.
At times I seem to be okay,
And then I don’t know what to say,First Grade
Anything that will make me well,
Not for years did I tell.
All the pain that he caused me,
Why is it no one else could see,
That something was wrong with my life,
I dreamed of sleeping with a knife.

Tired, Worn And Sad

Day by day, week by week,
Time and again I yearn and seek,
For the day I’ll find the place,
Where every one turns their face.

To a place where we can see,
Something out there bigger than me,
A place where no one ever lies,
A place where no one ever dies.

When that day finally comes round,
What is it that we all will have found?
That we stand tall, no longer sad,
That day will come and we will be glad.

For that touch, that soothing grace,
That puts us all in the place,
A place where no one ever lies,
A place where no one ever dies.