Gone For Three Years



Seventy-seven years ago.
You came into this world and so,
I’d like to say inside feels bad,
That feeling, for you I’ve never had.

You will always forever be,
That last year at seventy-three,
I live a life today without,
Worrying about a lot of doubt.

I did not actually cry that day,
When you finally went away,
Sat and listened to the words,
While people stood around in herds.

I now see that they came to see,
My brothers, aunt, and yes, for me,
Her companion she had but little time,
He has come to be family of mine.

Didn’t know they cared for you,
But what I feel will have to do,
I will never shed a tear,
Not this nor any other year.

Ever Have One Of Those Days?

Ever had a day when you’re all stuck up in your head?
Ever had one of those days you remember nothing you’ve read?
Ever had one of those days you had nothing to do?
Ever had one of those days you have tons to do?

Today I sat here in my chair,
I did not go anywhere,
I could not read a book,
I just couldn’t find the hook.

Scan_20150109 (61)Today I had nothing to eat,
Because I wouldn’t get out of my seat.
I could not read all that email,
The numbers made me want to wail.

Ever had a day when you want to stay abed?
Ever had a day when all thoughts have fled,
Ever had a day when everything’s numb?
Ever had a day when you need someone?

I am having all those days…

The Year Is Passing By Me

Time goes on and on these days,
My mind, it goes in several ways,
To days that now have become the past,
I thought time would forever last.
But day by day, they each march on,
One day here, and then it’s gone.
And then another week gone by,
I sit here and I wonder, why?
Why do I wait for time to stand still,
When everything is done through God’s Will.
The pain inside I try to hide,
I need to learn to put aside.
Each gray hair upon my head,
Counts the days I rise from bed,
And go with pain and moan until,
I remember, all I want is to do God’s Will.
What His will each day for me,
Is often sometimes hard to see,
But if I trust, with all my heart,
I’ll see His Will for me’s a start.
A new life free from all that’s passed,
The pain, the hurt, will only last,
Until I show my faith in Him,
And then the past shall then grow dim.