Site Name Change

To all my followers, likers and commenters:  I reversed the order of the site name and tagline.  It seems to be more appropriate for the site.  After all, who types my last name into Google when looking for a topic to read about?

I hope I haven’t  confused anyone.  If I do, my bad!

The address for the site has not changed.

Go Play! Let’s Practice Archery!

I signed up to take part in the archery portion of my trip, and I have the photos to prove it!

Go Play! I Found Statues!

wp_20160927_034It may only be a State Senator, or something, but gosh darn it, it is a statue!  Oh, look! I found another one.  This one is a Hispanic mayor from back in the late 1700’s


Across The Border

This is the first day, the first for many more lifetimes.  Today you will learn firsthand how human traffickers smuggler human beings across our borders, to be sold as slaves to the underworld.  We are going to take a little field trip, so pack your bags and we’ll be off.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we have now landed in Quebec, Canada.  I want everyone to hand over their passports.  You are going to learn not as an FBI Agent, but as a smuggler.  You are being paired with another classmate, and you are going to get yourselves safely over the border.  The first team that wins, gets first choice, for the field offices that you all are now coveting.

Wonderful!  Now here we are, stranded in Canada.  How are we going to sneak back across the border, when a passport is required to cross the border from Canada to the US?  

After giving this much thought, I will be an agent and you will be my prisoner.  We get to Customs, and I tell them I am an FBI Officer and you are under my custody.  I lost my ID when you struggled to break away from me and tried to get away.

Now I am nervous.  We are going to become criminals and be stuck in this country forever.  So the Customs officer just blew us off, told us to get out of his airport.  Plan failed.  Now it is time for a new plan, a better plan.  We have to get across the border!  I don’t want to have spent all these months in training, only to lose it like a common criminal. 

We are going to try to sneak over the border, in a less patrolled area, into Vermont, steal a car and drive back to New York.  So a friend of mine drives us up to an abandoned campground which run along the border.  We will simply cross during the night, through those woods, in a foot of snow, but we are going to get across.

Now it is dark, and safer to attempt to get across.  But slogging through all that snow, slows us down and we are freezing to death in this weather.  There is an empty cabin up apiece, and we can stay there, get warm and head home in the morning.

The plan has worked!  We actually got across the border from Canada to the US, illegally and without our passports.  But look!  There are many fellow classmates who have already gotten themselves across, without getting caught and ending up in jail until they could call and get someone from the FBI to come and get us.

This is still a success story.  We all graduate, on time, as a group, having been trained by many FBI Special Agents that are the best that the US has ever had.

This post was a story, written for the Taboo Word Challenge – 9/23/16


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Did It Really . . . ?

So many years have passed since I left home.  I moved out at 17, when I went away to college.  Even the memories from that time are vague.  I soon learned I could drown it all out with a bottle of vodka, missing classes due first to hangovers, then the fact that I was too drunk to go to class.  My fourth semester, I totally bombed out at school, which resulted in the loss of two scholarships.

It only took me about a month to decide I had to move away again.  I joined the Navy.  Boot Camp was difficult for me.  I was going through withdrawal from the alcohol, but I didn’t want them to know that.  I wanted to get through it as quickly as possible, so I could move on to a somewhat less strict environment.  When I was diagnosed with mono, I was afraid that would hold me back in my training, that I wouldn’t graduate with the rest of my class.  But I did, though I wasn’t actually at the ceremony, due to my illness.

This proved to be my downfall however, which eventually led to discharge from the military.  Their reasoning  – “Unsuitability due to alcohol abuse.  Not recommended for reenlistment.”  That took me all of nine months to accomplish.  I was drowning in alcohol uncontrollably, with no clear way out that I could see.

Those memories though, continued to haunt me.  Some were very distinct, while others were just vague memories that I couldn’t bring to the forefront, but still knew they were there.  I remember fear.  At night, my heart would pound from the fear,  causing me to think that I was hearing his footsteps coming down the hall to my room.  Sometimes they were, sometimes not.  But this was tearing up the insides of a young child, eventually a young adult, with no clear path that would lead me to safety.  I dreamed of running away to live in an abandoned cabin in the woods.  I had read a book when I was in Second grade, titled, “The Boxcar Children.”  It was a story about three young children, who ran away from their grandfather’s house.  They lived in an old boxcar that was still on the tracks, in the woods.

It has taken years upon years to reach the point where I am today.  I’m not sure I know exactly where that is, but I now have psychiatric diagnoses, which explain why my life is the way it is now.  It explains the odd symptoms, which in the past led me to attempted suicide, more than once.  Thankfully, i survived those attempts.  I have been in psycho-therapy for more years than I can even count.  But I have progressed greatly. 

My blog clearly describes my life with childhood sexual abuse.  When your abuser is your father, well . . .

Taboo Word Challenge for 9/22/16

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They say there’s space between my ears
It has been there years and years
Wanted to fill it to the top
But she always made me stop

You see, she had to be the best
So much better than the rest
But if the truth were to be told
There was more space there up til she was cold

Some feel that better does so much good
But put’s you higher than it should
I tried to fill up all that space
I found it hard to keep the pace.

I fell here and I fell there
Regaining some space, but no one cared
Filled it up with a giant cloud
I could speak but not aloud

Within that cloud I had no fears
But had not much between my ears
Drift alone through all that air
There is no one to really care

The space now growing, oh quite fast
Know not how long I will last
Tried real hard to pass that test
Show I was better than the rest



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Go Play!

I decided to go for higher points for my next game, sooo . . . I went fishing.  That’s right, and all I caught was a tiny baby catfish – twice.  I swear it had to be the same fish both times.

The Queendom

Taboo Word  9/14/16

Once upon a time, there was an evil prince, and he found himself a princess.  Neither of them knew the other was sick, or just how sick they were.  They were together a year before they had a child.  The child was a girl, a princess, and now the woman was a queen.  She was a queen_mary_of_romania_3wicked queen.  They had another child.  The child was a boy, a prince, and now the man was a king.  He was wrong.  He thought he was still the king but the queen was a wicked, evil, queen and she ruled over the kingdom, and she ruled over the king as well.

So the queen and the king had another child.  The child was a boy, another prince, and the queen continued to rule of what was now the queendom.  The two princes both wanted to become the king some day, and they battled with each other, each attempting to be the better prince.  The queen continued ruling over the queendom, and the princess seemed to be pushed aside, forgotten.

So the king decided that his only resource was the princess.  He would take the princess around the queendom, showing her all the wonders that existed within the land.  There were trees and lakes, hills and valleys, and all that the princess saw overwhelmed her. 

But one cold night, the king crept into the bed of the princess, and he held her, touched her, told her how beautiful she was.  In the queendom, the princess was not well liked.  The two princes would fight with her all the times, and the other children in the land would pick fights with her as well.  This made the princess feel bad, and sometimes she would even cry.  She would cry at night when no one could hear her.  The king thought he was at least powerful to the princess, if not the queen, and that made him happy.

The king went to the princess many, many nights, and the princess became scared, especially at night.  The king started to hurt the child, because his sickness caused him to prey upon the little girls.  Having the princess right there in the palace made his visits very satisfying to him.  When he would leave her, the princess would become very angry any time the king came near her, and he did every time that every chance he got when the queen wasn’t around.

The queen was very evil and she treated the princess and the princes very badly.  She gave them very little to eat, and kept all the good things for herself.  She was angry with them and would treat them very roughly.

One by one, the souls of the princess and the princes became very dark.  They had learned from the queen and her lessons were very well absorbed by each of them.  None of them wanted to continue, and all wanted to flee the palace.  But there was nowhere to flee to.  One by one, as soon as they were old enough to make this a go on their own, they left the palace for good.

The king died from loneliness, and the queen ran off with another king.  The children of the king and queen, unfortunately became as evil as the queen, and took their anger out on every one in the kingdom, until one night, and group of princes crept upon them very quietly, and ended the misery they were causing, and the misery that lived within each of them.  Then once again there was a prince, and he waited, and waited to find a princess….



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She is still investigating her new home.  I moved here in December of 2015.