I Feel Lost

I feel very lost and alone
Not even the ring of a telephone
Nothing there, perhaps a genie
I need someone feisty

Image result for google images fog The fog floats down round and round
It flows through the air, without a sound
Throughout the night, I hear it moan
Telling me there’s no one at home

My heart, has become really old
Leaves my house empty, cold
It will stay, mold and rot
Be thankful for the things you’ve got

I feel nothing, not heat, not cold               Image result for foggy forest
It will be like this until I’m old
A heart that feels it needs a jolt
Lock her up, with screw and bolt.


7 thoughts on “I Feel Lost

  1. A well written poem, this is sometimes how I feel. Some of my poems definitely reflect how I feel although most people don’t see that. Have a good day. Hugs from me.

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  2. Hi Karen, I hope you had a lovely Xmas. I didn’t see any of my family but had a good Xmas none the less. XXOO from me. (Ooo by the way, if you look under the photo’s tab on my blog you can see photo’s of me if you are interested?)


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