Trying To Climb Out Of The Hole

I need say nothing else…

Through The Clouds

I have been deep into this hole,
I know not for how long.
I now know that it has to be me,
Who starts the climb, but not alone.

My heart, my soul, my mind, and my body,
They all bear the scars,
Of a life filled with abuse,
Thinking no one cares.

But to climb out of this hole,
There are things I need to do.
Take care of myself, for one,
With help from I know not whom.

Eat and bathe,
Let myself feel,
All of that stuff that haunts me,
At times it still feels unreal.

Why did this happen,
To my life,
When I was just a child,
And not wanting to survive?

How did this follow me this far,
When I have aged so much?
I don’t talk it out enough,
Thus my suffering is as such.

But I want to climb out of the…

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3 thoughts on “Trying To Climb Out Of The Hole

  1. Hi from New Zealand, I hope you are having a good day today. It’s supposed to be summer over here, some sun and heat would be nice. Where in the world are you?


  2. Hi Karen, I have just looked up Wisconsin on the map so I know where you are now. I am from Porirua, in NZ. We are not far from Wellington. Just starting to get hot here, I hope you are managing to stay warm over there. Hugs from me.


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