Trying Something Different

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The pictures above show the many ways that I get involved in adaptive sports. Three weeks ago, I was in Salt Lake City, putting forth all the effort I could, doing my best at my selected events, and awakening a desire in myself to do more.

More means starting up again at the gym. I need to work to build my upper body up so I have the strength to excel at future attempts at adaptive sports. I am looking at rock climbing, bowling, wheelchair basketball, bocce ball, and anything else I might like to get into.

I need to build strength and endurance. An initial session with a personal trainer, will give me the knowledge for the machines that I can use to achieve this objective. I also need to take my sports chair to the mall, and build my endurance in that way.

But this ambition doesn’t stop there. I was invited once to take part in a week of training and a go at the Nationals. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go, but I wish to continue.

For the last few years I have just spent all my time in my recliner, playing games on my computer, and losing the muscle mass that I used to have. I want to get out of this chair, be active, and do the best I can do.

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