Pain And Determination

I have been here in Salt Lake City, Utah, since Sunday afternoon.  When you are in the sun during the day, it is like sitting in an oven (not that I’ve ever actually sat in an oven).  But yesterday morning was cloudy, and there was a little breeze.  I wasn’t doing anything until 1pm, so I went sight-seeing (and looking for a drug store).  It was really nice and I took a lot of pictures.  You can check some of them out on my Facebook page –  Here is a good sample of what I’ve seen and done since Monday morning.


During the past four days, I have pushed myself to compete in four events during the National Veterans Wheelchair Games here.  I have bowled Silver medal), ran the motorized slalom (an obstacle course for power chairs – gold medal), played 9-ball with two other women, both of whom I already knew (bronze medal), and played Boccia Ball (no medals, just had fun… I was winning until the last round, when my opponent pulled ahead with a final score of 4-3).

But it’s not about those medals!  It’s about grit and determination, friends and fun, and great competition.  Having MS, I suffer from fatigue most of the time and it’s with a lot of effort that I go out and compete like this.  And I don’t only do it here.  I also take part in the Valor Games (for veterans with all disabilities), in Chicago and San Antonio, where I push myself a lot more to succeed.

Now I am looking at participating in new events through other types of games all over the country.  I also have set a goal to go back to the gym on a regular basis, participate in adaptive sporting clinics, and get myself out of that recliner, where I normally spend most of my time.

I want to get stronger, and more active, pushing through the pain and fatigue and succeeding in doing the most I can do and not give in to this disease (MS).

That will take pushing myself to do more, all that I can do, with determination and grit.  I will not give up!

6 thoughts on “Pain And Determination

    1. This was my second . . . or was it my third awards ceremony? At any rate, came home with a gold medal for Motorized Slalom, a silver medal for bowling, and a bronze medal for 9-ball. Except for flight delays (and a 4 1/2 hour flight) and, oh, did I mention that while waiting to take off for Chicago, the captain announced the delay was due to getting the paperwork right, regarding the weight distribution in the plane. There were 8-10 power wheelchairs on the plane. When we finally did take off, the plane started shuddering shortly after leaving the ground, and I swear by looking out the window, it appeared we were moving very slowly up into the air. Scariest flight I’ve ever been on.


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    What wonderful spirit Karen and such incredible photos! Thank you for sharing your life!
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  2. I find you so admirable – in a world full of couch potatoes I hugely admire anyone with the grit and determination to push themselves and hope for more. Naturally even more so when you tired out from being so unwell.
    The greatest respect to you for sharing this, and showing the world (and me) these wonderful events that I might otherwise never have known about from the media. 😀 TartanRose.


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