No One Knew

Mommy, Mommy, don’t hurt me,
I didn’t know anyone saw me,
Try to take away the strife,
For me it was my daily life.

Fear of her both day and night,
All I knew, it wasn’t right,
For someone that should try to care,
That one it seemed, was never there.

She was there, in our home,
I was never allowed to roam,
Go outside, she’d always say,
I often thought of running away.

Fear by day, and fear by night,
It seemed to me they had the right,
To treat a child like no one should,
All who saw, thought I was no good.

I did some things that were bad,
Due to the life that I had,
To bear through both day and night,
Inside of me there was no light.

Light was snuffed out long ago,
Hiding things no one should know,
When I tried to tell some one,
All the things, that were done.

Even now I cannot talk,
At the thought, my mind does balk,
I had nothing that I could say,
To tell them why I was that way.

Now, I try to talk it out,
Try to whisper, try to shout,
But it seems all stuck with glue,
If only I’d had someone to talk to.

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