I really feel like hell today,
It’s not going to go away,
I can try, and try, and try,
Might as well be asking the sky.

Spend so much time on my own,
Hard to believe that I’m fully grown,
There are those who will knock me down,
There are those who will make me frown.

This illness is something that’s hard to take,
Never knowing what each day will make,
Me hurt from tip to toe,
This illness will never let me go.

But there is one greater than I,
Makes me often gaze at the sky,
Asking why this is happening to me,
Wondering how tomorrow will be.

He who made me, gave me a gift of my own,
He who made me, the way I have grown,
Gotten much better at hearing Him say,
What to do to live life His way.

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