What I Would Like To Learn – Dungeon Prompts

This post is in response to the Dungeon Prompt, What I Would Like To Learn.   Many may think this is odd, coming from someone who is a wheelchair user, but what I would like to learn . . . is to ride a motorcycle.

I belong to a Biker church and have seen bikers, after a long ride through a forest, or stopping beneath an overpass due to the driving rain that came out of nowhere.

I have ridden on the back of a bike several times, and once I even took a video of the passing scenery, and of the front of the motorcycle.  The feel of the wind in my hair, the air rushing past my body, all contribute to my desire to learn to ride.

Most of all, though, I just want to prove to myself that I can get out of this chair, and get out and enjoy something I love, without having to depend on others in order to ride.

6 thoughts on “What I Would Like To Learn – Dungeon Prompts

  1. Hello, came across your blog looking at WordPress’ Motorcycle tags.

    Not sure what your leg related problems are, but after supporting a few UK wounded forces days, I have seen people with 0% use of their legs riding up to 200mph around Donnington track. Long term trikes are also an option (more so in the US from what I understand?).

    Book some training and go for it! 🙂

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