I know it was so long ago,
But I can’t seem to leave it so,
Things buried in my past,
Seem to forever last.

Now my hair is gray,
It is another day,
But the things that haunt me,
Others don’t even seem to see.

I talk it out, once a week,
But what is it that I really seek?
An answer to make it all go away,
But then it comes back another day.

I talk with friends I met online,
They have issues similar to mine.
They, too, struggle each day,
Wishing that there were a way.

Why can’t I make it go?
The path I’m on seems so slow.
One day, I know I’ll find my way,
Not dreading the coming of each new day.

On that day, He’ll hold out His arms,
Then I’ll know I’m safe from harm,
He waits for me to find my way,
Eternity will then have it’s say.

I’ll no longer live in the past,
My time will forever last,
In a place where there is no pain,
I’ll be with Him, once again.

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