Pain comes in many forms,
Unfortunately part of the norm,
But there’s the pain that lives inside,
And the pain that lives inside.

No I’m not repeating myself,
Pain doesn’t come right off the shelf,
Pain is earned when you are hurt,
And made to feel lower than dirt.

Pain is earned when no one cares,
Pain is earned when there’s no one there,
No one to see Daddy come into my room,
And brings in, with him,impending doom.

Pain comes when fear runs so deep,
It interferes with any sleep.
Even today that fear is there,
Creeping up when I’m unaware.

There is also physical pain,
A whole new subject that age does gain.
The finger pain also runs deep,
And also bothers me in my sleep.

But the pain will always be right there,
Saying here, pull up a chair.
They say the inner pain can heal,
I’m afraid I didn’t get that deal.

My pain is very sore and raw,
I fear I’ll never heal at all,
So I sit and bide my time,
Til the day that all is fine.

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