Sick And Alone

I don’t feel very well today,
It makes me want to go away.
Far from all that makes me ill,
Or else, win again, he will.
Every night as bedtime comes,
I’m looking all around for Tums.
Anything that will make me well,
Not a word, I will not tell.
At times I seem to be okay,
And then I don’t know what to say,First Grade
Anything that will make me well,
Not for years did I tell.
All the pain that he caused me,
Why is it no one else could see,
That something was wrong with my life,
I dreamed of sleeping with a knife.

6 thoughts on “Sick And Alone

  1. I feel this one. So many why’s. Why did no one stop him, why did no one see our pain. There are no answers, only now.
    I hope you feel a bit better soon. I often think that these moments come in waves and then eventually the waves lessen for a while and we can get on.

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