The Year Is Passing By Me

Time goes on and on these days,
My mind, it goes in several ways,
To days that now have become the past,
I thought time would forever last.
But day by day, they each march on,
One day here, and then it’s gone.
And then another week gone by,
I sit here and I wonder, why?
Why do I wait for time to stand still,
When everything is done through God’s Will.
The pain inside I try to hide,
I need to learn to put aside.
Each gray hair upon my head,
Counts the days I rise from bed,
And go with pain and moan until,
I remember, all I want is to do God’s Will.
What His will each day for me,
Is often sometimes hard to see,
But if I trust, with all my heart,
I’ll see His Will for me’s a start.
A new life free from all that’s passed,
The pain, the hurt, will only last,
Until I show my faith in Him,
And then the past shall then grow dim.

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