Sad Again

That time of year has come again,
I can’t even remember when,
Last month or the one before,
Passed by, to be forever more.
Cards going this way and that,
Some even addressed to my cat!
As for me, I don’t know the sum,
Counting them just makes me feel so glum.
Three years ago, she was here,
The one that most, hold so dear,
Christmas is just not the same,
I’m tired of playing this game.
Someone, please, just open the door,
So I need not ask, anymore,
For the days to pass and ease the pain,
For I know I’ll never see her again.

5 thoughts on “Sad Again

  1. Can’t say if this applies to your loss, but when my Mom died I think part of why it hit me so hard was because there went the Hope; the Hope of finally feeling like I was loved. I craved it so. I was loved I suppose, but so much of it was masked by the unending harsh, critical comments it was hard to tell.


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