Alone Again

image011The cold has come and settled in,
I stay at home a lot again.
Unable to get my chair through the snow,
But no one else seems to know.
The time I spend all alone,
Someone comes and then they’re gone.
Left alone again to find,
Something to occupy my mind.
My eyes are sore from the computer screen,
Rarely am I ever seen,
Away from here, outside my door,
Even unable to pace the floor.
The disease slowly taking away,
Things I used to do every day.
I need someone to come and see,
That there is much more to me.

5 thoughts on “Alone Again

    1. The disease is invisible – MS. But two of my wheelchairs are hard or impossible for me to push through snow. My power chair will go through the snow, but I’m not supposed to take it out in snow/salt/rain (I do anyway when I have to). If I do take it out, then I have to dry it off, clean off the salt, and let the snow melt onto the kitchen floor. 😛


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