I Would Grant Three Wishes, To A Four Year Old – Daily Prompt

If I were a genie, with three wishes to grant, to whom would I grant them, and why?  That is an interesting question, and my answer might be a little different from you would expect.

Karen at age 4
In need of fulfilled wishes.

Fifty years ago the child, Karen was in desperate need. She needed proper nourishment, to grow and become healthy. She needed to be taken away from the abuse that was happening in her home, on a regular basis. She also had the right to be happy.

All of this was denied her, in her situation. With first one, then two baby brothers, her mother had not time for her, except when she was in one of her moods, and took it out on Karen. Karen was abused physically and emotionally by her mother, who was another person who’s needs were never met.

The abuse from her father was unspeakable.

Karen needed to have her wishes for safety, health and happiness granted, and those  are the wishes that I, as one of those genies, would grant to her.

If truth be known, now, 50 years later, the adult Karen, would be experiencing less emotional issues, than what she now faces, and with those wishes, the issues today could be less than they actually are.

– van –

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