Fathers Day

Father’s Day comes once a year,

English: a Venn diagram-like symbol for the Ch...
English: a Venn diagram-like symbol for the Christian Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit) Deutsch: Symbol der Dreifaltigkeit/Dreieinigkeit (blau: Dreifaltigkeit, türkis: Dreieinigkeit, grün: Monotheismus) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To honor those we hold so dear.

But how can I honor one,

Who destroyed my life,

Before I’d even begun?

The Father whom I shall honor,

Comes from up above,

And who’s Son paid the price,

For all those children that He loves.

This Father gave his only Son,

Because of all of us He loves.

The Father I will honor,

Will never cause me harm,

This Father I honor every day,

For all that He has done.

My Father God will treat me right,

And this Father, God, will win the fight.

~ van ~

2 thoughts on “Fathers Day

    1. I strive in my writing, to get the feelings out there in front of me. This then allows myself and others to read and understand what it is I’m trying to say. And I hope my readers get the feeling as well.


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